About Cybernetyx

Cybernetyx has developed several advanced Human-Computer Interaction products in the industry which are deployed across users from all ages and various market segments, including Education, Corporate, SME and Government. Cybernetyx believes that an interactive product must act as information and communication platform for its users by providing intuitive digital tools to fetch, create and share content, to engage the viewers and enrich the content creation and consumption capability in Classrooms, Training rooms, Conference rooms, NOCs, Open Spaces and beyond. Cybernetyx flagship product EyeRIS (Eye-like Rapid Imaging System)is getting extremely popular across the globe and now is widely acknowledged as a technology-benchmark in the interactive solutions space, already impacting more than 25 million Presenters, Educators and Learners in a short span of time and with a user-base growing at an exponential rate.
EyeRIS 8090UST is the latest, upgraded and advanced interactive whiteboard system and IntelliSpace is the advance interactive software from Cybernetyx, Germany.