Productivity keeps an industry ahead in competition. An organization’s productivity depends on effectiveness of business process exercised. We provide complete solution for Business Process Enterprise Resource Planning. All our solutions will be customized according to your specific needs and practices.


Companies created “islands of automation”. A hodge-podge of various systems that operated or managed various divergent business processes. Sometimes these systems were integrated with each other and sometimes they weren’t.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system helps integrate a company’s operations and acts as a company-wide computing environment. It includes a synchronized data management system that is shared by all functional areas. Can deliver consistent data across all business functions in real time and helps in planning, that’s the most critical aspect of a business.

RABT ERP Advantage


  • We will develop the entire software package as per your needs which will be very less than the cost of purchasing a off the self ERP system and its customization.
  • There will be no annual license fee, as the system will be developed for the client.
  • Yearly Huge investment in ERP consultants will less as your trained IT staff will be able to handle and maintain the system.
  • Training cost is minimal, as the system will be developed interacting with existing staff.
  • The system will be deployed using industrial strength open source DBMSs, hence the cost of purchasing proprietary components like databases will be zero.
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